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Handforged Ironmongery To Last

From the forging to the final packaging, each stage of our work here at Oldfield Forge is performed by our own fair hands - making our ironmongery products genuinely handmade in Britain from start to finish
Our range of stylish hand-forged door and window furniture has been inspired and designed by our own small team of blacksmiths. It includes a wide variety of other related fittings and comes in a variety of finishes to suit both traditional and contemporary-styled homes.
 Decorating your home is all about the little details. Whether choosing those important finishing touches for a renovation or adding real character to a new-build, something as simple as a door handle or knocker can make a profound difference. At Oldfield Forge Ltd. we strive to supply handmade ironmongery which has been designed with your home in mind and which will last a lifetime - but how can you be sure that an item is right for you?


Oldfield Forge Door Furniture Fixture Guide:

Ironmongery is an important part of your home and you can rest assured that it is our speciality. 

It may sound obvious but do make sure first of all that the design you choose matches the required function. When choosing door knobs/handles the best approach is to add up all the entrance ways, and allocate the function you require for each of them.

Your door furniture needs to meet the needs of the room. Hallway or wardrobe doors will usually need only a non-locking knob or lever, whilst rooms that require a higher level of privacy (e.g. bedrooms and bathroom) call for a simple inward lock. Browse through our range of door handles to find the ones that add that touch of true character to your home. 

It can take time to decide upon the best lock or latch for your door handles, but once you have decided whether you require a lever handle or a knob the choice is then pretty much down to your preferred style. We offer both lever handles and door knobs in various styles. To ensure that your doors are looking their very best as well as functioning efficiently, it is essential to be confident that the correct locks and latches are chosen. For further help and advice do please contact us. We will be very happy to guide you through this process.

Handle Guide:

Lever Handles

The two main lock and latch case depths available for lever handles are 64mm and 76mm - which are perfect for lever handles which sit towards the edge of the door. It is a fact that most door knobs will also physically fit onto these locks. However it is essential to bear in mind that, depending upon the diameter of the knob and the type of door involved, you can sometimes be left with very little space in which to comfortably accommodate your hand between the knob and the door frame. This can result in the painful catching of knuckles on the door frame as you open and close the door. Very annoying!

On locks suitable for lever handles the keyhole, cylinder and bathroom turn will sit directly below the lever handle. These are therefore known as 'vertical' locks.

Door Knobs

The three main lock and latch case depths available for door knobs are 102mm, 125mm and 152mm. These depths allow the door knob to sit comfortably away from the door edge, thus eliminating the risk that you will catch your knuckles on the door frame. Lever handles can also fit onto these locks although, whilst a door knob looks perfectly fine set in from the door edge, lever handles do not always look so well placed. As a result we don't generally recommend this.

On locks suitable for door knobs, the keyhole, cylinder and bathroom turn will sit next to the door knob at the same height. They are consequently referred to as 'horizontal’ locks.

For our full range of door furniture, please visit our showroom or browse through our catalogue.

Sliding Bolts:

Providing security to your door - our sliding bolts and escutcheons add privacy plus that classic traditional touch. We stock a variety of sliding bolts for double doors and garages, or very small ones for bathrooms. We pay precise attention to detail and ensure that all our ironmongery is suitable for your situation and dimensions. Our standard sliding bolts are supplied in 7.5cms, 15cms and 20cms sizes. 

At Oldfield Forge we create our sliding bolts to afford a high level of security. We recognise the need for careful design, thus allowing our swan-neck sliding bolts to be held up or down in a secure, fixed position - unlike many of the cheap imported variety which rely on a simple spring mechanism and as such cannot represent a reliable long-term safeguard. At Oldfield Forge we offer the peace of mind of a well-made, well-designed and secure fixture.

Cabin Hooks:

Cabin hooks are normally used to keep doors open and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Traditionally finished with a bees-wax coating, our cabin hooks add charm and substance.

If you are on the lookout for something more specific, please get in touch.

Hinges and Hinge Fronts:

From barn door hinges, gate hinges, penny-end and arrowhead T- hinges (for ledged & braced doors) to HH and HL hinges for cupboards, plus delicate ornate hinges, we can hand-forge any style you require.

We make a variety of hinges for traditional ledged and braced farmhouse doors. As with everything else in our catalogue, our penny-end and arrowhead T-hinges are all traditionally handmade right here in our Herefordshire forge. We can satisfy all your requirements, whatever size you might want, along with latches and handles to match. Our standard ‘T’ and pintle hinges are available in 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch or 24 inch dimensions. 

For panel doors we offer our popular HL or HH hinges. Both of these two styles of hinges are available as standard in 4 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch sizes.

When ordering please make sure that you specify an appropriate style of hinge for your door. For instance the design of some doors can prohibit the use of T-hinges. However our bespoke service offers specialist advice and guidance to enable problematic issues to be resolved. If you require a particular type of cranked hinge or indeed any bespoke hinge please let us know the details and we will happily discuss it with you.

For small decorative doors we have ornate half and full butterfly hinges, perfect for kitchen units or other wooden furniture.

All ironmongery can be supplied with matched round-headed slotted screws if requested. 

Decorating your home is all about the little details

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The Finish of your Ironmongery:

Having looked at the aspects of function, we now need to consider aesthetic appearance!

We offer a wide variety of finishes, for example antique pewter, paint, bees-wax and linseed oil. All items are individually coated by our own experienced staff. In particular we strongly recommend that, for items intended to be fitted to the exterior of your home, you discuss with us the durability of your preferred finish and be happy that it is one that will complement the style of your home.

Door Knockers and Door Bells:

Door knockers and bells can be the ideal way to make a real statement on your front door and, of course, add a practical purpose too. Browse through our designs to find something chic, eye-catching, traditional and stylish. Whether you are looking for a design of substance to grace your imposing front door, something stylish and contemporary or perhaps a rustic piece for your cottage or barn conversion you are sure to find a suitable bell or knocker within our wide range. Alternatively, as with all our ranges, we can make a unique piece to your own design.