FAQS & Terms

We have provided lots of information about our experience days below.
After checking the FAQ, if your question is not answered, please get in touch.

Can I visit and just watch?

The simple and quick answer is yes!

We love welcoming family and friends to the forge to share the experience in any way they can. We have our woodlands area, showroom and viewing area for you to capture the experience too.

Please note that entry cannot be guaranteed into the forge for visitors without a ticket. Anyone attending and entering the forge is subject to our health & safety briefing and completion of a waiver.

Please do tag us on social media with any action shots taken on camera!

Check out our woodlands page to find out more about our onsite facilities.

What items can I forge if I have a Groupon voucher?

Groupon vouchers are running at a highly discounted rate and therefore are limited to the available items you can forge during your workshop. Unfortunately Groupon vouchers are not able to be upgraded to other experience packages.

You can choose to forge one of the below:

  • Beam hooks
  • Bottle Opener
  • Scroll Knife

What can I make during the Just For Fun or Couples workshops?

As you would imagine, the longer you have in the forge, the more you can achieve! We have lots of great options for you to choose from during our three or five-hour packages. Please note Groupon bookings are limited & have a seperate selection.

Here are some ideas, how adventurous do you feel?!


  • Selection of hooks
  • Fire poker
  • Candlestick
  • Bottle opener
  • Pen holder
  • Towel Rail
  • Herb Chopper
  • Cheese Knife
  • Toasting fork
  • Rose – between two people
  • Small Cabinet Handle


  • Rose – for one person
  • Fire Poker
  • Dragonfly (garden ornament)
  • Hanging basket bracket
  • Boot Scraper
  • Doorknocker
  • Candlestick
  • Wall sconce for candle
  • Pen holder
  • Herb chopper
  • Scroll/Viking knife
  • Fire tools
  • Butchers hooks
  • Spear Head

Here is some more information

Can I make a wooden handle during my Knife Making workshop?

As our workshop is dedicated to forging, we do not have the facilities in place to provide woodwork as part of this experience currently.

On arrival for your Knife Making workshop your Blacksmith will discuss all of our blade and handle possibilities. Detailing the potential shape and style for your creation. We have an amazing display in our showroom for you to view and pick from. This includes forging a full metal handle to have a completed knife by the end of your day!

If preferred you are able to select a half or hidden tang option to then add a wooden handle yourself at home. We aim to provide as much knowledge on how to do this as we can, and also have a variety of materials available to purchase in our showroom such as brass pins, scales and after care tools.

Can attendees under 16 y/o be left unaccompanied at the forge?

Unfortunately not, we do require a parent/guardian to remain on site for the duration of the workshop. For certain workshops only adults can use the equipment so you may also be asked to help out.

Why is there more than one start time to choose from for my workshop?

We operate 7 days a week with all of our workshops running each day, subject to availability. This means we are able to offer both a 9am and 1pm time slot for you to choose from for most of our experience days.

We break for lunch between 12 – 1pm so please factor this in when considering the duration of your time here with us at the forge. Please note our 3 hour Just For Fun course is only available at either 9am or 4pm.

How do I transport my forged item abroad?

We would recommend contacting your airline ahead of your workshop as they can often accommodate requests to transport swords or knives however this is at their discretion. Alternatively we would recommend organising a courier service for collection and delivery.

Can I have my ring altered?

Our expert Blacksmiths will guide you through ring making to your desired shape and size. We always check you are happy with your forged ring before you leave however understand things can change. If you wish to request ring alterations at a later date, please email our team with full details including photographs. Please note there may be a charge for any alterations and you will be required to arrange postage as needed.

What are the rings made of?

Our one-day ring making package uses stainless steel. Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust like ordinary steel. If you are unsure whether you have a metal or nickel allergy, then this is the preferred material to work with. You can wear it in everyday use and do not need to take it off during showering. A Care sheet can be given on request.

How do I heat treat my EN45 knife I made with you?

Please do not worry if you have lost your ‘Tempering Guide’ sheet. If you email us at info@oldfieldforge.co.uk we can send you a digital copy.

Is the site wheelchair accessible?

The forge site is partially wheelchair friendly, however, if you work with our team, we can try and cater for your requirements. We do apologise if on occasion if we are unable to cater for your requirements. Please contact our booking team if you have any further questions.

Can disabled people attend forging experiences?

Yes, of course, nobody is excluded from our packages! We do recommend you speak directly to our office to run over your visit to ensure we are fully equipped for you on your visit.

Can you engrave my forged creation?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities or specialism to offer this service here on site. We would recommend searching for a local engraving company who could assist further.

What time do I need to arrive for my workshop?

We run a 9am, 1pm and 4pm start time. Please allow time to arrive ten minutes before your booked time slot so that we are able to sign everyone in and keep on schedule.

Failure to arrive on time can impact your booking and other customers workshops. Please note our car park opens from 8.30am every day however you are only required to be here ten minutes early if possible.